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Our training will help you start your equity, diversity and inclusion journey and deliver long-term impact

Using lived experience and over 20 years working with communities from the global majority, award-winning charity Afrocats and its founder CEO Magdalen Barlett will support your organisation and teams to provide the best possible services and engagement experiences.

"To maintain a balanced society it is essential that we challenge our perceptions and biases. To do this, we must expand our knowledge and question ourselves daily."

Magdalen Bartlett - Founder and CEO of Afrocats

Our training is designed for organisations and networks. We have experience working with a variety of teams that interact with diverse communities and the global majority.

The training is tailor-made for your organisation and follows a four-step process where you will participate, learn and take a self-directed approach to solve your shared challenges.


We take a creative approach, using lived experience, discussion and group activities to develop effective and meaningful change.

Download our training pack for more information or get in touch for pricing

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