We partner with likeminded organisations to build a positive and secure future. If you are interested in working with a user-led charity to create social change, we'd love to hear from you.

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مگدالن Afrocats را در سال 2003 تاسیس کرد تا تجربیات و مهارت های خود را در توانمندسازی دیگران ایجاد کند.

مگدالن بیش از 17 سال در صنعت هنرهای خلاق کار می کند ، یک کارگردان تئاتر باتجربه ، تهیه کننده خلاق ، مدیر پروژه و متخصص تعامل است. در طول سال ها ، مگدالن در نقش های مختلفی برای سازمان های مختلف ، مدارس ، شوراها مانند Community Arts North West ، جشنواره بین المللی منچستر ، Louise Da-Cocodia Training Trust ، زنان پناهجوی با هم ، تئاتر Royal Exchange و Z-Arts کار کرده است.


مگدالن با همکاری مشترک جوامع مختلف داستان ها ، ایده ها و تجربیات خود را توسعه می دهد. او از طریق کار خود بستری را ایجاد می کند تا افرادی که در معرض خطر محرومیت اجتماعی هستند بتوانند صدای خود را بشنوند.


داستان ماگدالن را بخوانید

Ashwood Solicitors have an experienced team of specialist Immigration Solicitors in Manchester that can provide clear legal advice and guidance on a wide range of Immigration and Asylum matters.


The team can speak in languages including Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Polish and Arabic. They also have a strong network of interpreters to cater for most languages to make communication easier.


The office is based in Rusholme, on the famous Curry Mile. 


For a free initial discussion call 0161 248 4444, WhatsApp (07825) 235661 or email info@ashwoodsolicitors.co.uk


 They can also assess if you are eligible for Legal Aid.


Safety4Sisters was established in Manchester in 2009 to address the exclusion of migrant women (particularly those with 'no recourse to public funds') from the most basic rights of safety and protection. They are a feminist and anti-racist organisation with a vision for a world in which all migrant women are safe and live lives free from patriarchal and state injustice. 

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Public libraries welcome people seeking sanctuary and other new arrivals into their community and seek to foster a culture of welcome and inclusivity.

Following on from earlier work, such as Welcome To Your Library, public libraries are now working with City of Sanctuary to develop their provision. Thimblemill Library has been recognised as the UK’s first Library of Sanctuary, and we are now building on this experience to support other libraries that also want to become Libraries of Sanctuary.

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The vision of Manchester City of Literature is to create an innovative, distinctive, equitable, globally connected city of reading and writing, where diverse voices are celebrated, creative talent and industries are nurtured and where literary activity changes lives.

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The North West's first poetry library offers over 10,000 books and recordings. Their collection offers an extensive range of poetry in the many languages spoken in Manchester, and a section dedicated  to children’s poetry.