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Through our work we dismantle the health and wellbeing inequalities people seeking sanctuary face


ما با جوامع همکاری می کنیم تا فرصت هایی را برای افرادی که در زندگی خود با مشکل روبرو هستند و می خواهند به طور کامل در جامعه ادغام شوند ، ایجاد کنیم.


ما مشتاقانه از بین بردن موانع اجتماعی ، اقتصادی ، فرهنگی و زبانی اشتیاق داریم تا مردم بتوانند از یک زندگی دورتر و بهتر برخوردار شوند.

Maternity Care

We're working in partnership with the NHS, the Longside Primary Care Network and the Caribbean and African Health Network to reduce maternity health inequalities in Manchester.

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Wellbeing and mindfulness tools

We worked with over 35 women in culturally specific groups to develop mindfulness and wellbeing tools. These resources are available for anyone experiencing difficulties to make use of them in their daily lives.

Menopause project

We're creating a comfortable and friendly space for women from sanctuary-seeking backgrounds to talk about their reproductive health with GPs and medical professionals 

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Fitness Fridays

We worked with Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) to deliver creative movement and fitness sessions to give women in the asylum process a break from their daily stressors.

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